Love & Jinx

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Love & Jinx

A Love & a Dash of Magic Romance Novel

Bad Luck brings nothing but trouble. Or maybe not...

With luck so bad she named it (Jinx), Emma trips and falls into local bank robbery after bank robbery until the cops think she’s involved. But when a bad hair dye turns into Emma saving the day (mostly - that poor cop), the local PD reconsiders and puts her on the case.

Matched with a handsome detective that hates her, Emma burns under his scorn as they try to solve the string of bank robberies. All the while, Emma moons for another cop with superhero looks and a bod that truly bakes her cookies.

Emma's bad luck in life leads her to love in this sweet romance full of romantic frustration, countless missteps and a whole lot of fun!

The Love & a Dash of Magic Romance Novel Series

Sometimes in everyday life something occurs that lives outside the normal. Something a little more. Something a little unexplainable. Like magic. And because of that particular dash of magic, something happens that would not have without it.

Each novel in this series tells a new story of love that never would have been without that little dash of magic that came into two people's lives.

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Release date: April 17th