Subway Drummer

Book Cover: Subway Drummer

Subway Drummer

Geriatric Magic: A New York Collection Short Story

Soon. Evelyn knows it will be soon. Though her rythmic heartbeat holds strong, she knows the finale to her song fast approaches. But for her last few notes she wants the canon fire of the 1812 Overture. To go out with a bang! Evelyn follows the beat of her final song into the depths of New York City to find the magic that will let loose the fanfare of her heart.

“Subway Drummer” is part of the Geriatric Magic universe and can also be found in “The New York Collection: Five Stories of Magic & Life,” with foreword written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The New York Collection’s complete short story list is:
• Geriatric Magic
• A Touch of Jade
• Subway Drummer
• Streets of Light
• A Little Park Wind

The Geriatric Magic Short Story Series

A hawk-face woman in a red dress walks city streets on a mission of magic. To find those with the indomitable spirit to live, though their bodies will shortly fail them. To each she finds she gives a gift. A gift of magic. And from the least expected of benefactors: Death.

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Release date: March 20th