The Day After Tony Got Probed

Book Cover: The Day After Tony Got Probed

The Day After Tony Got Probed

Tony & Gage: A Junior Year Collection Short Story

Woken by the horrific memories of his own girly scream, high school quarterback and lady’s man Tony turns to his best friend (and total opposite) Gage with the terrifying news: at dawn, the alien invasion will begin! More shocking, Gage doesn’t believe him. Tony must find proof of the alien invasion on his own, all while trying to get his pathetic best friend (finally) hooked up with a girl. Who knew Tony was such a multi-tasker?

“The Day After Tony Got Probed” is part of the Tony & Gage universe and can also be found in “The Junior Year Collection: Five Tony & Gage Adventures.” The five short stories in “The Junior Year Collection” are:

  • The Day Tony Earned Detention
  • The Day Gage Found the Coat of Sex
  • The Day Tony Lost His Manhood
  • The Day After Tony Got Probed
  • The Day Gage (Finally) Got Kissed

The Tony & Gage Short Story Series

Best friends and total opposites, Tony & Gage, can’t help but get into crazy situations. With hilarious results. But their friendship remains rock solid. Follow Tony & Gage as they gallivant through their ridiculous adventures of growing up and just being guys.

Available for pre-order: March 20th

Release date: May 15th