The Day Gage (Finally) Got Kissed

Book Cover: The Day Gage (Finally) Got Kissed

The Day Gage (Finally) Got Kissed

Tony & Gage: A Junior Year Collection Short Story

A beer bottle to the back of Gage’s head on the 4th of July spins him to the start of the worst and best night of his life. With a gaping head wound, somehow Gage must find a way to save the doomed life of Tony (his best friend and total opposite). The first step, not throwing up into his friend’s letterman jacket. From barbecue hot dogs to strawberry lip gloss, Gage will experience a night he will never forget.

“The Day Gage (Finally) Got Kissed” is part of the Tony & Gage universe and can also be found in “The Junior Year Collection: Five Tony & Gage Adventures.” The five short stories in “The Junior Year Collection” are:

  • The Day Tony Earned Detention
  • The Day Gage Found the Coat of Sex
  • The Day Tony Lost His Manhood
  • The Day After Tony Got Probed
  • The Day Gage (Finally) Got Kissed

The Tony & Gage Short Story Series

Best friends and total opposites, Tony & Gage, can’t help but get into crazy situations. With hilarious results. But their friendship remains rock solid. Follow Tony & Gage as they gallivant through their ridiculous adventures of growing up and just being guys.

Available for pre-order: March 20th

Release date: May 22nd