The Day Tony Earned Detention

Book Cover: The Day Tony Earned Detention

The Day Tony Earned Detention

Tony & Gage: A Junior Year Collection Short Story

A car wreck starts the beginning of a Tony plan to hook up his best friend (and total opposite) Gage with a swarm of women. But when that goes horribly wrong (no surprise), Tony must dig deep to save his friendship. Kisses and ketchup fly in this humorous Tony & Gage adventure.

“The Day Tony Earned Detention” is part of the Tony & Gage universe and can also be found in “The Junior Year Collection: Five Tony & Gage Adventures.” The five short stories in “The Junior Year Collection” are:

  • The Day Tony Earned Detention
  • The Day Gage Found the Coat of Sex
  • The Day Tony Lost His Manhood
  • The Day After Tony Got Probed
  • The Day Gage (Finally) Got Kissed

The Tony & Gage Short Story Series

Best friends and total opposites, Tony & Gage, can’t help but get into crazy situations. With hilarious results. But their friendship remains rock solid. Follow Tony & Gage as they gallivant through their ridiculous adventures of growing up and just being guys.

Available for pre-order: March 20th

Release date: April 24th